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124 Championship Titles

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The Show
  • 20
    Couple Dancers
    124 Championship Titles
    3 World Champions

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The Idea

Paar Excellence

Robert Beitsch Producer - Visionary
Produzent - Robert Beitsch

Robert Beitsch Producer - Visionary

Born in Berlin in 1991, Robert beitsch devotes himself to classical tournament dance at the age of eleven. Fascinated by the symbiosis of strong emotions and the extreme physical abilities of dancers, dancing becomes the center of his life.

Above all else, the perfectly coordinated and passionate interaction between two people still gives him goosebumps. In his 15-year dance career, he has strayed beyond the boundaries of tournament dance and has worked with dancers from all over the world, studying their history and mentalities. His experiences outside classical dance sport have shaped him profoundly.

Robert Beitsch has made it his mission to combine the free and dynamic couples dance - the moment in which feeling arises - with the physical perfection of tournament sport. After 4 years of intensive planning, SoulDance will debut in 2018. A fusion of class, passion and perfection, in which all dancers as well as singers and musicians bring in their own individual strengths and feelings, together creating a show that has never been seen before.

Tracing the couples dance Inspiration and change
Auf den Spuren des Paartanzes

Tracing the couples dance Inspiration and change

Dance sport is high performance, body control and perfection. Likewise, dance is the mirror of culture and zeitgeist, an expression of feeling and passion - a confession, a statement.

The Admiralspalast was the site of the first German dance tournament over a hundred years ago. Hardly any cultural location has experienced so much history. And exactly on this stage history will be written again:

SoulDance is time travel, fusion and vision - from the Golden Twenties over Swing, Latin, Funk and Soul, to a whole new 21st century choreography, where the highest levels of physical perfection merge with artistic freedom and true emotion into a rapturous moment.

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We'll be back in 2020 Souldance - The show

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