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124 Championship Titles

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Souldance - The Show EN

21 / 22 / 23 Sept 2018


The Show
  • 20
    Couple Dancers
    124 Championship Titles
    3 World Champions

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    Special Guests


Sergey & Viktoria Tatarenko

World champion in show dance & vice world champion in Latin American dances

Gergely Darabos

World champion in equality dance of standard and Latin American dances

Penelope Zschäbitz

Finalist of the German championship and Berlin champion in Latin American dances 

Patrick Misgaiski

Finalist of the European championship in formation dance

Samira Hafez

German champion in junior Latin dances

Robert Beitsch

Star-choreographer and pro-dancer from Let’s Dance

Anastasia Bodnar

Choreographer of and dancer for tv-productions like Kudamm 56 and GotToDance

Oliver Tienken

World Champion in Latin formation dance and jury member at Curvy Super Models 

Raha Nejad „Persian Hair“

Background dancer for Katy Perry, Kesha & Felix Jaehn

The Funky Boys

Efrem Kuzmichenko (German champion)
Arseniy Pavlov (Vice German champion)
Jürgen Schaz
Anton Shkolnik
Albert Kortaev
Roman Miller (Multiple German Champions)

Paartänzer - Souldance
  • Genya Ginzburg
  • Keith Tynes
  • Daniel Keeling
  • Tutu Tutani

The Souldance Orchestra 12 Musicians - 4 Dancers

  • Genya Ginzburg

    Under the special direction of Genya Ginzburg

    “Probably the most versatile band in Germany” (James Last)

  • Keith Tynes

    Keith Tynes

    The voice in “Only You” from The Platters. Keith Tynes has performed on stage with legends like Gloria Gaynor and Stevie Wonder.

  • Daniel Keeling

    Daniel Keeling

    The baritone and song-stylist is just as much at home on opera stages as he is in jazz clubs. Beyond being a member of the wold famous Harlem Gospel Choir, Daniel Keeling reaches into the soul of the audience with delicately dynamic vocal power.

  • Tutu Tutani

    Tutu Tutani

    A multi-award winning songwriter, Tutu led the successful New York based Afro-pop quintet Afroblue who received critical attention for their album “Pelesa”. Tutu’s distinctive vocal style combines the clear pealing wail of Southern Africa with Jazz, Blues, Rock and Soul.

Special Guests Special Power

  • Thomas Hermanns

    Moderated by Thomas Hermanns

    The entertainer, writer and director is an institution - now he will host the world premiere of SoulDance. Famous and notorious for his performances, the all-rounder demonstrated his dance know-how and command of the audience in Let’s Dance 2018. His message: Where there is a will, there is a parquet!

  • Ingrid Arthur -  Special Guest on September 23rd

    Ingrid Arthur

    Born in Gainesville, Georgia (USA), Ingrid Arthur became one of the most powerful voices in the history of music. She is not only a wonderful singer, she is the goddess of soul with her rich, powerful traditional gospel background with the soul of Aretha Franklin, Mavis Staples, Mahalia Jackson. She will sing at SoulDance on 23rd of September.

  • Sarah Lombardi

    Sarah Lombardi

    This amazing singer released her second solo album “Zurück Zu Mir” (“Back To Myself”) in spring 2018 - the single “Exactly Here”, available since April, reached first place of the German iTunes charts. As a finalist of the 9th Let’s Dance season, she’s back to show how to seriously get things heated up!

  • Heinrich Popow

    Heinrich Popow

    The gold medalist of the Paralympic games in London and Rio is a compelling personality. The world record holder is about much more than his athletic achievements - with passion, strength and vigour he moves and mobilizes people worldwide - including for the world premiere of SoulDance The Show

  • Angelina Kirsch

    Angelina Kirsch

    The curvy model and campagn face for H&M is a role model even for those not in search of a role model. As the Let’s Dance finalist of the anniversary season, Angelina Kirsch showed how to move without bending. Exceptionally passionate and captivating, she proves in SoulDance what kind of fascination can be generated by free-thinking power women.

  • Jessica Paszka

    Jessica Paszka

    Hardly anyone combines the spirit of the girl next door with the fiery temperament of a diva as perfectly as Jessica Paszka. She always boldly faces new challenges and is an absolute professional in numerous tv shows. Embarking on a new project, not shying away from obstacles and perfecting her craft are only a few of her valuable strengths. In SoulDance she expressively shows what it means to learn to accept and love yourself.

  • Thomas Hermanns
  • Ingrid Arthur -  Special Guest on September 23rd
  • Sarah Lombardi
  • Heinrich Popow
  • Angelina Kirsch
  • Jessica Paszka
The Idea

Paar Excellence

Robert Beitsch Producer - Visionary
Produzent - Robert Beitsch

Robert Beitsch Producer - Visionary

Born in Berlin in 1991, Robert beitsch devotes himself to classical tournament dance at the age of eleven. Fascinated by the symbiosis of strong emotions and the extreme physical abilities of dancers, dancing becomes the center of his life.

Above all else, the perfectly coordinated and passionate interaction between two people still gives him goosebumps. In his 15-year dance career, he has strayed beyond the boundaries of tournament dance and has worked with dancers from all over the world, studying their history and mentalities. His experiences outside classical dance sport have shaped him profoundly.

Robert Beitsch has made it his mission to combine the free and dynamic couples dance - the moment in which feeling arises - with the physical perfection of tournament sport. After 4 years of intensive planning, SoulDance will debut in 2018. A fusion of class, passion and perfection, in which all dancers as well as singers and musicians bring in their own individual strengths and feelings, together creating a show that has never been seen before.

Tracing the couples dance Inspiration and change
Auf den Spuren des Paartanzes

Tracing the couples dance Inspiration and change

Dance sport is high performance, body control and perfection. Likewise, dance is the mirror of culture and zeitgeist, an expression of feeling and passion - a confession, a statement.

The Admiralspalast was the site of the first German dance tournament over a hundred years ago. Hardly any cultural location has experienced so much history. And exactly on this stage history will be written again:

SoulDance is time travel, fusion and vision - from the Golden Twenties over Swing, Latin, Funk and Soul, to a whole new 21st century choreography, where the highest levels of physical perfection merge with artistic freedom and true emotion into a rapturous moment.

The Tickets

World Premiere 21 / 22 / 23 Sept 2018

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The Power
Gala für chronisch kranke Kinder

Strong together Dancing connects

A gala for chronically ill children

Feeling like a star - costumes and cool acts on stage, styled to the nines amidst the flashing lights on the red carpet - this is what the gala of Kinderschutzengel E.V. (child aid organization) grants heavily ill children. Numerous celebrities support this event. Ambassadors of this charity organization are, among many others, Moderator Vera Int-Veen, actor Christoph M. Orth, The Lochis and naturally SoulDance star choreographer and pro-dancer Robert Beitsch.

In order for the gala to take place this year again in October, SoulDance The Show supports Kinderschutzengel E.V .: In addition, 2.50 Euro of each sold entrance ticket goes to the children’s aid organization. A sold-out house would mean 10,000 Euro could be donated!

If you would like to contribute more, you can also support Kinderschutzengel E.V directly at:

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE08100205000001151500

Or send an sms with the word “Flügel” (wings) to 81190 to donate 5,- EUR.

More information available at www.kinderschutzengel.de/Wie-Sie-helfen/